Judging criteria

Essential criteria (failure to comply with them will result in removal of the film)

• Safety observation and avoiding hazardous substances
• Scientific accuracy in conducting mechanical experiment or acceptable functions of produced mechanisms
• Presentation of descriptions must be attractive, accurate and scientific
• Documentation of experiment steps or dynamic mechanisms is essential. These documents as image and behind-the-scenes, display the role of students on conducting experiment or producing device

Optional criteria (ways to improve your score)

• Conducted experiment or produced mechanism should be attractive
• The quality of produced video must be acceptable to TV show. The acceptability criteria are ambient regularity, picture framing, proper lighting, resolution of videos.
• The video should be contains introduction or displaying of usual application of conducted experiment or produced device, or a proposal for applying them
• The produced video should help better understanding of school lessons
• Scientific and technical sources and assistants (teacher, research center, family or friends etc.) should be introduced
• It would be better if experiment or mechanism has been presented in the presence of audience