Competition rules

• Participation in this competition is merely collective
• Each group can be formed with 2 or 3 students
• Connecting to the competition is just by team leader
• Each student can be a member of only one group
• The students’ age must be between 7 to 18 years
• Maximum difference between the Members’ age must not be more than 3 years
• Students can participate to competition in form of girls groups or boys groups
After the arbitration, ask the selected groups to upload their identification documents
Attention: consistency of uploaded documents with registration information, is the major condition of being in the winners list

Participation steps:

1- Registering for the competition by team leader
2- Filling the members’ specifications and uploading required files. If you want sending several videos, for each video, fill the registration form from the beginning
• in the mobile number section, you should enter the number, that has WhatsApp profile
• Pay attention: after clicking on “submit”, the information of members or videos could not be changed

Protection of Intellectual property rights of the works:

• The members of the group must promise not to participate their works in other competition until arbitration and results announcement. Otherwise, it's like withdrawal of the competition
• With uploading your videos for Noor student competition, the members of the group will agree with legal Utilization of their videos or ideas by Event organizer