Noor student competition-commemorating Ibn-Haytham:

On October 2015, the international secretariat of Mustafa (pbuh) Prize, has held the first round of student competition, between students, educational centers and science centers, with the subject of “production of 1 minute science and educational videos”. This round was entitled “Noor student competition- commemorating Ibn-Haytham”. The closing ceremony of 1st round was held on May 7th, 2016, with presence of the elders of Iran. More than 1500 videos have been received, in domain of the light science and its applications, and more than 10 thousand interested students participated in this round. Execution of the Competition and technical and scientific supporting were the responsibility of “Fanamouz” corporation


• 200 gold coins were dedicated to 200 selected works
• Tributes were paid to 200 selected works, with the logo of Mustafa (pbah) prize and Iran's National Elites Foundation (INEF)
• Experimental equipment have been granted to schools and science centers which have had the highest participation rate

The various science concepts of the competition:

Light reflection from various mirrors
Multiple mirrors systems such as Kaleidoscope and periscope
Light diffraction and behavior of lenses and prisms
Dark room
Shadow topics and wonderful shadows
Composition and decomposition of colors
Optical polarization
Interference and diffraction of light
Wavelength measurements
Optical illusions
Eye behavior and biological cases
Photoelectric and photonic phenomena such as optical communications and laser sounds
Optical fibers
Science and technology of videography
Any topics about optical science and technology, and its applications

زندگی نامه ابن هیثم

ابن هیثم